Thursday, 28 January 2016

How to Mix and Match Furniture in Your Living Room

Are you thinking of improving the look of your home? You can decorate your home on your own, but there are certain decisions that you have to make prior to actually decorating your home. You probably have to take care of the flooring first. This is important so you can appropriately arrange the furniture. You have to also choose the right furniture to mix and match. You have to get the right lampshades to use on your bedside tables.

Family and Guests
The living room is one of the most important rooms to decorate. This is the area that is most viewed by your guests when they enter your home. It is also the area of the home that the family spends most of the time. Be sure to decorate the living room floor with a center rug before laying out your furniture. You want to choose items to put in your living room that will coordinate with the colors on the wall, with the flooring and with the background.

Things to Pick Up
Of course, you can choose to purchase a new living room furniture set, but why do that when you can mix and match? You can go to a yard sale or thrift shop and pick up items such as:
·       A bookcase
·       Sofa
·       Armchair
·       Coffee table
·       Lamps
·       Curtains or drapes
·       Window treatment

When you pick up these things at a yard sale or thrift shop, you will end up spending less than if you were to purchase new items for your living room. Your objective is to get a finished look that is coordinated and stylish. When you do pick up these items, be sure that they complement each other. In doing so, your mix and match improvement will never go wrong.

Creating a Theme
You are going to have to place furniture at a certain angle, in such a way as to add texture and space to the room. In fact, you can go as far as creating a theme; using color, style and shape to construct an entirely different space than you had before. A contemporary theme is the best option such as using black and white as your main color. Choose modern materials such as a glass table, natural wood furniture like teak wood or chrome coffee table with contemporary art for the wall and accessories to match the furniture placement and other displays.


Try not to add too many items. Place dominant pieces in a specific space. Place the items in such a way as to make it eye catching and alluring to look at.  

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