Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Transforming Your Home Décor into a Vintage Style

When you continue to change the style and décor in your home, it is not just for aesthetic reasons. It is to enhance the look of your home and the living conditions that your family would prefer and enjoy. As the family continues to grow, you may need to make more changes, adjusting certain things to cater to your family. This creates a beautiful and attractive setting, making it an excellent sanctuary to relax when you have had a really busy day.

Go Rustic
Vintage is a style that will always be trendy for most homes. Even though, vintage may sound old and traditional, you can make it as modern as you want it to be. Rustic furniture that is quirky and glamorous could be the first option. Antique furniture pieces are also an option, especially the ones that are well crafted or handmade.

The Style
A vintage style can be achieved by cautiously selecting your furniture pieces first. This could include teak wood furniture and other appropriate accessories. Be as imaginative and creative as you want to be, choosing pieces of furniture and accessories that cater to your personal taste. If you really want to assume a vintage style – all the way, here are some tips below.

Making a Statement with Wallpaper
When you are creating a vintage setting, it is ideal that you use a specific room such as the living room as the focal point. You can make a statement with wallpaper, making the room look striking and fun and not overbearing. You should choose patterned wallpaper that reflects a geometric feel of the 70s. If you are trying for a retro look, go for geo print wallpaper, which will inject bold colors into the room.

Rustic Furniture
Vintage and rustic go hand in hand. It will also go hand in hand with an exposed brick fireplace and wooden beams. You can choose teak wood shelving, which you will add to the wall with the statement wallpaper featured in the background. This could drastically change the appearance of the room. Teak wood vanity at the entrance way is also another example of rustic. However, be sure that you have appropriate lighting in the room to enhance it more.

Addition of Mirrors
Your vintage room will not appear complete unless you add some mirrors. You don’t have to overdo it. Just add an ornate mirror and one with an elegant framework. You could also go for a teak wood frame with a distressed look and naturally pale color.

You can add some accessories to complete the design. A nice vintage lamp or patterned cushions could spruce up the style of your living room or bedroom. Add geo print to the base of the lamp to make it pop more. Use accessories sparingly to maintain fluidity.


Spend time to plan how you will want the finished rooms. Decide on the items that you want to use. When you are done, sit back and enjoy the setting. 

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