Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What to Look for In A Piece of Teak Furniture

Let’s say that you are trying to make a decision as to the type of furniture to put in your backyard, patio, and deck or inside your home, but having a hard time, what would be the first choice? Well, if you are looking for a piece of furniture that will last for a long period of time, then teak furniture would be the ideal choice. In addition, teak furniture allows the user to have a piece of furniture that requires less cleaning.

The Imitation
Teak wood is hard to ignore. However, there are people who will sell an imitation of teak wood. So how can you tell that you are buying teak wood? Teak is not an inexpensive product. In an effort to make quick money, though, there are dishonest people who will try to pass off a different piece of furniture as teak. For that reason, prior to making a purchase, it is vastly essential to know the difference between what is real and what the fake version is.

The Feel
Prior to making your teak furniture purchase, be sure to visit the store and get an idea of what teak wood feels like. Run your hand over the wood. If it feels like splinter, it isn’t teak wood. If splinter gets in your hand, run as fast as you can from that store. Teak wood has a smoother finish and with its natural oil, you will sense whether the piece of furniture is teak or not.

The Color
Unlike other types of wood, teak wood changes its look as it ages. Other types of woods do also change after a while, but only with an outside element. For instance, a darker wood might get lighter with frequent exposure to the sun. This means the wood doesn’t change on its own, but instead from the sun’s rays, allowing for a bleaching effect. Teak wood changes to different colors if more than one element is added to the scenario. For example, if teak wood is left in the sun, the color changes to silver white color. If left in a shady area or in the home, over time, it changes to dark brown or orange. However, teak wood has striking-looking grains in the wood. That is one of its unique characteristics.

The Smell
Furniture made of teak wood has a particular smell. Just like leather seats in a new vehicle has a distinct smell, so does teak wood. Its smell is lightly fragrant and earthy, but not the same as one that is freshly cut. Natural oils are deeply embedded into the wood and that is where the smell comes from.

In normal conditions, teak furniture coming directly from a manufacturer purchase is likely to be the true version. However, be careful when buying from private sellers or even antique shops. The best thing is to know your teak wood to ensure you are getting the real deal.

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