Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Spa with Teak Shower Bench

Do you want to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa? You can start with your shower first, by installing a teak shower bench. You can also add a teak floor mat for even more luxury. A teak bathroom vanity is also another option. After installing these items, you will have your bathroom looking stunning and ready for use; either by you, your family members and your guests.

Antiquated Wood
Teak is an antiquated type of wood, which has been used in the past to build ships. These ships have withstood the test of time and have weathered many storms at sea. For that reason, teak was the choice of wood used to build these ships because of its natural oil to protect against damages caused by water. You don’t have to own a ship to appreciate the quality and durability of teak wood. It is the ideal teak furniture choice for your bathroom and shower.

Costly, but Durable
Teak is one of the most costly types of wood because of its luxurious look and lasting effect. However, once you purchase a piece of teak furniture, you will have it for years. This will save you money over the long haul. Your teak shower bench will add warmth and a smooth touch to your bathroom.

A Variety of Choices
You will have a variety of choices with a teak shower bench because they come in different shapes, styles and sizes. If you are looking to give your bathroom an Eastern appearance, the Asian shower stool would be ideal. Why? It is more practical because it fits into any space. The rectangular teak shower bench is also an option because of its large seating space. You can comfortably sit on it to do things like shaving your legs or washing your feet. Some teak shower benches come with adjustable rubber pads to prevent slipping and to accommodate any adjustments.

Teak Floor Mat
If you want to add a teak bath math, you should make sure that you measure the space first. Be sure that you buy one with slats that are either vertical, horizontal or has a decorative pattern. This will have your bathroom looking elegant and true to the luxury transformation. With your teak shower bench and teak floor mat, you don’t have to be concerned with water damage. Just use a softly bristled brush to gently scrub it to keep it clean.

Now you know what you need to spruce up your bathroom and have you feeling like royalty. You don’t have to be in a five-star hotel to feel this way. Teak up your bathroom and enjoy your bathroom as if you were in a luxury spa.

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