Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Lighting Up Your Teak Vanity

A vanity is ideal for a bathroom, but it is also convenient for any part of the house. A vanity performs so many routine tasks and helps you to get prepared for work in the mornings. A teak vanity, though, is unique and handy. Because of its durability and strength, it can change the entire décor of your bathroom or bedroom. Use your teak vanity to apply makeup, brush your teeth, fix your hair and shave your beard.

The Lighting
However, to do all of that in front of your teak vanity, you need the right lighting. It is essential to make the space a suitable place to sit and perform your routine tasks. When you are making a choice to the right vanity lighting, you have to keep certain things in mind prior to making that choice.

Meeting Your Needs
First, you have to think about the style of your teak vanity and the style of the lighting. Does it fit your particular taste and does it suit your needs. You also want to consider how much change you want to make to the overall bathroom or bedroom to make it as functional as possible.

Selecting Vanity Lighting
The first thing to look at is the size of your teak vanity. Does it have a mirror or not? What type of mirror do you have that will compliment the vanity lighting? Measure the mirror to see how wide it is. The length is also important to the lighting to ensure optimal view while sitting in front of the vanity. Another aspect to consider is the number of lights within the light fixture. Usually, you shouldn’t have more than six bulbs. Now you will see better when you are applying makeup or shaving – a flawless face can be the ideal contribution of a nice teak vanity; whether it is located in the bathroom or bedroom.

Vanity Theme
Now it is time to take a look at your vanity theme or style. The lighting and theme should go together. The vanity lighting can establish a theme. For example, if you choose a bright overhead light, it might fit your theme or appear more practical. You could choose a decorative option such as a sconce light. To adjust your décor, you could choose a neutral vanity with some embellishment and directional lighting that would coincide with everything.


Teak vanity is the choice if you want to have furniture that last for a good number of years. The lighting is important too, but first you must select the teak vanity that is right for you; first looking at where you want to put it in your home and then everything else will come after. 

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