Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Why is Teak Wood Furniture the Best?

If you conduct research prior to purchasing new furniture, especially furniture for your deck or patio, you can be certain to run into teak wood. You can expect to see furniture made from this type of wood as well as hardwood, pine and redwood. However, teak wood furniture stands out for many reasons.

Strength and Durability
If you are looking for strength, durability, cost effectiveness and beauty in the type of furniture you choose, teak furniture is the ideal option. Teak exudes elegance and sophistication. It can change the d├ęcor of a room to something that would be a great conversation piece for your guests in attendance. If you were to look past its beauty, you would see the natural properties that it possesses in comparison to other woods.

Esteemed Material
Teak wood has always been thought to be an esteemed material. Teak is derived from the Tectona grandis tree, which is a native to countries with tropical climate. It has been the type of wood used in the seventh century by wealthy people that furnish their homes. Teak wood has a reputation of being the wood of choice used to build ships and you know that ships have to withstand harsh conditions at sea and yet have been able to do so when made of teak wood.

Decked Out
Teak wood is not easy to dry rot. It can withstand the outdoors very well and that is why it is used to make outdoor furniture for the deck and patio. Why? Well, teak wood comes from trees that are mature. A teak tree matures in eighty years prior to being harvested. This makes it the wood of choice if you are looking for furniture that will last.

The Value
Teak wood is valuable in comparison to oak wood and pine. The reason is its natural oils and the rubber that is found in the wood. It has a wealth of natural properties locked into its rigid grain. Of course every wood has natural oils, but teak wood retains that natural oil for years to come. This allows teak wood to weather any storm. The rubber and natural oils increases the value of teak wood by protecting it against parasites and fungi. For other types of wood, this kind of protection needs further application of treatments and oils.


With all those benefits discussed here, it is safe to say that teak is the ideal furniture for the indoor and outdoor. Its robust nature makes it fall into a higher category than other woods. So, if you are shopping for furniture, give teak wood a chance. 

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