Monday, 7 September 2015

Outdoor Wood Furniture Choices

If you are looking to buy outdoor wood furniture, you have two choices; hardwood and softwood. Softwood comes from trees bearing needles and hardwood comes from trees with broad leaves. There are many categories of wood to use for your outdoor furniture; from traditional to exotic. It is important to choose wisely. Of course, the type of wood you choose will depend on your budget and its availability in your local area. Below are the different types of wood that you could consider. Teak wood, of course, should be the first choice.

Teak Wood
If you are looking for long life and durability, teak wood would be the ideal choice for outdoor wood furniture. Teak wood is a hardwood that is easy to carve and therefore, you will find that most manufacturers will create designs on it to make it a stylish furniture piece. Teak wood is solid and contains natural oils, which makes it ideal to last outdoors, maintaining its quality and dense grain. You can get teak wood furniture in tan or light brown shades. Once your teak wood furniture is in the outdoor elements for a while, it will turn to silver-gray, which some people prefer. Teak wood doesn’t need much maintenance or special care. Therefore, it has become the best option for homes with decks and patios.

Redwood consists of straight grain. It is considered softwood and mainly comes from California and British Columbia forests. This type of wood is resistant to termites and it is not easy to decay. If you are going to purchase this type of wood, you should know that you have to preserve it by applying an oil-based stain and water sealer every year. You can remove mildew by scrubbing with a brush, bleach and warm water. Your redwood furniture might only last for a shorter time than teak wood, even if you care for it properly.

Pine Wood
Like Redwood, pine wood is also softwood and consists of straight grain. It comes from various places across the United States. However, it can be found elsewhere around the world. Pine wood furniture can either be untreated or treated. Untreated pine wood has little resistance to the natural elements of the environment. Therefore, it will be less durable. Treated pine wood is a little better, but both need yearly maintenance for durability.

Roble is hardwood with a golden color. It is strong and dense, though lightweight. This type of wood comes from countries like Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. It is resistant to decay and is durable. However, since it originates from overseas, it might not be available when you need it. To maintain it, you have to apply a tint or oil every six months.


Of all these types of wood, teak is the highest quality and requires less maintenance. It will definitely last longer and remain beautiful for years to come. So don’t wait. Go out and get your teak wood furniture, making it part of your outdoor d├ęcor to entertain guests and allow family to relax in. 

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