Monday, 24 August 2015

The Right Shower Bench for your Bathroom

If you want a bathroom remodel, you could add a shower bench and other items to spruce up the bathroom d├ęcor. If your shower stall is sufficiently spacious to add a seat, then a shower bench is ideal to add functionality and comfort to the daily sanitation and hygiene experience.

The Space
With added shower stall space, a bench serves as the appropriate shower seating. This is especially perfect for an elderly person living alone. However, it can be used by any resident looking for added comfort when bathing. You can now consider which shower bench you will install to make your life more comfortable. You have a wide array of choices.

Different Types
There are three types of shower benches that can be permanently installed to the wall in your bathroom shower. One is the fold-down bench or teak shower bench. Secondly, you have the choice of getting a built-in bench or floating bench. For a temporary fixture, you could consider a freestanding bench. Below are some of the examples.

Built-In Shower Bench
This type of bench is framed to fit either on the floor of the shower stall or inside of the shower wall. You can affix it so that it runs the complete distance across the shower enclosure. In some cases, you could just limit the installation to the corner of the shower stall. You can create it in a semicircular or square angle. If you want a customized look, you could tile the bench for a waterproof experience.

Teak Bench
You could go for a spectacular teak shower bench using a stylish, but simple design. The difference between this kind of bench and the others is that it is more sturdy and durable, making you more confident and comfortable sitting on it. You can use it for both an outdoor and indoor setting and not necessarily in the bathroom only. Teak wood contains natural oils so it is protected from getting damaged by water. Therefore, it could also work in a swimming pool or next to it. You could try a large teak shower bench, which would provide the user with a sitting surface that is stable. This would be ideal for a walk-in shower, providing comfortable seating for those who shave their legs. You also could use the teak bench inside a Jacuzzi or sauna.

Floating Bench
A floating shower bench can be securely installed to the walls of your shower and opened underneath. It can be made from waterproof wood or stone slab. Braces can also be installed under the bench for added support, especially for overweight individuals.

Regardless of which shower bench you select, make sure that the top is slightly sloped in order to let the water runoff. You want to avoid pooled water because it will cause mildew. The size of the shower and how many people intending to use it will determine the size of the bench. Your choice will also depend on your personal taste and style. So, choose wisely because the bathroom or outdoor is where you will enjoy spending time!

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