Monday, 3 August 2015

Teak Furniture Maintenance

Teak is a highly respected wood, which is durable and does not need a lot of maintenance and care. This makes it the perfect material for your outdoor furniture pieces. For homeowners who have just built a deck or patio and wondering what kind of furniture to buy, you wouldn’t go wrong with teak patio furniture. You would find teak furniture in a couple of finishes, one of which is finely sanded into a naturally accepted form and then a teak oil treatment is applied. If you don’t apply the proper treatment to this type of furniture finish, it will turn into a silverfish gray color. However, some people don’t mind the change in color. In fact, many of them prefer this look. Some people, however, prefer to keep the look of the initial golden honey color. Regardless of the appearance, teak is still a strong contender when it comes to high quality choice in material for outdoor furniture.

The Resistance
Teak wood is naturally resistant to rot and mold. If you don’t take care of your teak wood furniture, however, you might see unattractive mildew forming on its surface. This means that you have to regularly clean the area to avoid any type of discoloration, whether the wood is treated or untreated. There are specific ways recommended to clean your teak furniture.

Cleaning Your Teak Furniture
To prevent the buildup of mildew and possible discoloration, it is ideal that you clean your teak furniture regularly. Cleaning is not difficult. All you need is a water and mild soap for a quick wash. You can add a little bleach or vinegar. Be sure, though, to use a soft brush and not a metal brush since you don’t want to scratch or damage the surface on your teak furniture. If you notice any stubborn stains, use a teak cleaner. Try to start with mild solutions for cleaning your teak furniture. Then, if it doesn’t work, you can try a more concentrated version.

Applying Oil to Teak Furniture
After cleaning your teak furniture, you can apply oil to enhance the natural golden color of the wood. This method is better for teak furniture that you use indoors. You can apply oil to outdoor teak furniture, but you would have to maintain this on a more regular basis. Most professionals prefer the use of Tung oil on your teak furniture. However, Linseed oil is just as common. A paint brush is recommended for applying oil to your teak wood. Wipe away any excess oil by using a cloth moistened with mineral spirits.


Keep your teak furniture in the best condition by taking care of it. Maintenance is minimal if you do it on a regular basis. Your teak wood will then last for a very long time. 

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