Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Teak Benches and Their Extraordinary Features

If you want a beautifully designed and crafted furniture piece, consider teak benches. They are ideal for your patios, decks and backyards. Teak benches have become popular outdoor furniture in many American homes. A teak bench is chosen by homeowners because of its elegant style, but more importantly, its durability. You can expect to find these benches in a wide range of designs. So, if you are looking for a specific décor on your patio or deck, you will definitely find something you like. Due to inclement weather, it is best to have outdoor seating that you can depend on and that can stand the test of time. Teak benches fit this profile.

What is Teak?
Teak is considered a tropical hardwood, popular for its tensile strong point. Naturally, it is produced from a high level and tons of oils. That means, if you don’t varnish teak furniture, it will still endure any type of weather conditions. Not even insects can penetrate teak wood. You can safely place your teak furniture outdoors, whether you live in a thickly forested location or not.
Cleaning Your Teak
 A teak bench won’t be damaged even if you leave on the outside all year round. You only have to clean teak wood ever so often. You can use soap and water, even though, a commercial teak cleaner is able to brighten any dullness. This is another reason why a teak bench is an amazing furniture piece for your outdoor décor.

Teak Wood
Your teak wood is yellowish-brownish in color. It has a smooth texture. If you leave it out in the sunlight for months and years, it will turn gray. However, there are many homeowners who love the grayish color. Many furniture manufacturers love teak wood because of the ease in designing it; in addition to the fact that the wood is strong and of a high quality.

You have a selection of styles when it comes to teak benches. However, it all depends on your personal taste, style and preference. Styles include the English style, backless benches and garden benches. The English style is intricately designed in the back, ideal for sitting on your patio any time of day. Some of the designs include cutouts and slats; criss-crossed and circular. These decorative styles will dress up your outdoor area. You can further dress it up with a comfortable cushion.  Garden benches require low maintenance and a homeowner will enjoy longevity.


Teak benches are time-honored outdoor furniture pieces. Many homeowners own them for decades. This is a testimony of their detailed construction and craftsmanship. Add a teak bench to your outdoors and invite guests over. 

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