Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Creating a Stylish Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most popular and relaxing rooms in a home. That is why homeowners go to lengths to ensure that their bathroom design is trendy and current. People take refuge in the bathroom to get away from family or just to go take a five. Whether you have plans to stay in your home for long or not, you can still create a stylish bathroom, enhancing it to be more appealing to possible buyers. You can decorate your bathroom using a simple design or you could go all out. Whatever you decide to do, it will be well worth your time, money and effort.

Spruce Up your Bathroom
Nothing looks boring and mediocre than a bathroom with plain white painted walls, old fixtures and dull accessories. However, a wall design in your bathroom can turn the room into something more stylish and elegant. You don’t need a professional to help you and neither do you have to spend a fortune to get this done.

Select a Distinctive Theme
A bathroom with incompatible wall d├ęcor has no style to it. You must attentively decorate your bathroom with a focused theme. It will look more chic, trendy and impressive. Use your imagination and creativity so this room will stand out. Think outside of the box. Try to create a theme that expresses your personal taste and style. Make it eye-catching and breathtaking so that as soon as someone opens up the door, their reaction will be one of wonderment and satisfaction.

Start with Color
It is best to start with changing the color on the wall with a crisp coat of paint. This doesn’t have to be expensive. Add light colors, which will make a small bathroom look larger. Accent a wall on one side of the bathroom, choosing small accessories that won’t make it look overcrowded.

Utilize Plush Towels
If you have been to a hotel or golf clubhouse restroom, you may have noticed the plush, fluffy and thick towels that make the bathroom look like you want to spend time in it. Make sure towels are white, but if you have a pink theme, the color pink is OK too.

The Right Accessories
Don’t overdo accessories. Less is more. You don’t want to create a congested or messy looking bathroom. Use only a few pieces of accessories to match your theme.

Add More Lighting
Lighting can create drama in any room, including your bathroom. Add lighting to brighten the room and make it functional. Adding lighting is the easiest decorative method to turning a dull bathroom into one of style and elegance.


When creating stylish bathroom, you have to unearth your creativity. Of course, you have to do some planning to come up with the right theme. Your bathroom should be a reflection of your personality. You and your family are the ones who will be spending most of the time in the bathroom anyway. 

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