Monday, 31 August 2015

A Contemporary Bathroom Transformation with a Teak Vanity

If you were to install a new bathroom vanity, it could change the entire interior of your bathroom. However, when making your choice, it is best to go with the newest trend rather than traditional, especially if you are seeking a modern look. A bathroom transformation is possible, if you have the right accessories and right furniture. You have to first consider how you want the bathroom to look and what pieces could ideally match.

Making a Change
If you are only going to change your bathroom vanity, then the next step is to buy the furniture and accessories that will match the bathroom décor. A teak vanity is ideal because it is made of beautiful teak wood. Moreover, you have the option to paint it or design it differently to suit your personal taste, allowing you to modernize your bathroom even more. You can also get a customized teak bathroom vanity that you like, if you are not in the mood to do any painting or design.
Teak Vanities
Teak vanities help to complete the plan of having a modern bathroom. Teak wood has a unique finish, void of the dark stains and lumps that you find on many other vanities. You can decorate your vanity or keep it simple. Whatever you choose to do, you want to make sure that it gives your bathroom a modern appearance that family and guests will appreciate.

What You Will Discover
You will find some bathroom vanities on the market these days with countertops made of teak wood rather than granite or marble. This gives you more options than the typical granite choice made by many homeowners. Many of these teak vanities are outfitted with sufficient storage found in the drawers or cabinets. You might also stumble upon teak vanities with glass paneled doors, a unique concept that will grab your attention.

Size is Important
When choosing a teak bathroom vanity, be sure to consider the size of your bathroom. You don’t want to select something that won’t fit well. This will only make your bathroom look overcrowded. Be sure to get a vanity that has drawers so you can put things away, reducing the clutter in your bathroom. Take time to shop so that you can find the appropriate teak vanity that effectively accommodates your bathroom space.

The Backdrop

You should also consider the backdrop of your bathroom. The paint on the wall is as important as the bathroom vanity in order to create the ideal bathroom décor. Bathroom remodeling takes planning and discerning choices to create a balance and harmony. Maybe, it is time for you to take up a bathroom transformation project using a teak vanity. Are you up to the challenge? You won’t regret it!

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