Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Creative Ways to Design Your Bathroom

If you are a homeowner, you want to have a luxury and sophisticated bathroom, don’t you? The answer should be a definitive yes. An excellent designed bathroom offers confidence to the homeowner. You can show your guests to the bathroom with self-assurance. There are some homeowners, however, that see the bathroom as a room hidden away from view. You may find some bathrooms that have poor ventilation and poor lighting, which are two important aspects of a well-designed bathroom.

Assess the Lighting and Ventilation
So, if you are ready to design your existing bathroom, it is time to first assess the lighting and make sure you have enough ventilation. Don’t make the bathroom look too dark like a cave. Your guests will notice it and think you want to prevent them from looking in your sink or shower. Use fluorescent lighting to brighten up your bathroom. Your goal is to give the bathroom a refreshing and deluxe appearance. The best and next step to take is to use various accessories to outfit the bathroom.

Here are examples to get a better mental picture of this:
·       Add a small pot of flowers in a corner of the bathroom
·       Instead of window curtains or blinds, add window shades where you can control the outdoor light
·       Add a teak shower bench in a corner of the stall. This is especially helpful when you are an adult senior
·       Add a teak bench next to the sink. You can sit on it and read during your quiet time
·       Use granite countertop tiles
·       Change your shower head to one more powerful
·       Match your shower curtains with your window shades
·       Change your floor tiles
·       Add a Jacuzzi, if you can afford it
·       Paint the walls
·       Add a toilet cover to the seat
·       Add some wallpaper around the circumference of the walls; below and above

These simple things can work magic by transforming your bathroom into one of elegance. A Jacuzzi will look amazing in your bathroom also. It could add a class of beauty to a boring bathroom.


A bathroom renovation or remodel doesn’t have to cost an ‘arm and a leg.’ It can be done cost effectively, if you choose the right thing to do. If you are working within a certain budget, be sure to start with the smaller projects first and work your way down your list of things to get done. Design to match your own personal style and taste. If the project seems overwhelming, then it is time to hire a professional. In the meantime, though, you could get some of the things on the list of example shown above such as adding a teak shower bench or teak bench in your bathroom. Start taking action today! Your bathroom depends on it!

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