Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Maintaining Your Teak Furniture

Teak is considered one of the most strongest and durable products on the market. It is especially functional with the ability to be used outdoors and indoors. Many manufacturers use teak for the construction of various types of furniture that homeowners use on their decks, patios and even their gazebos. Teak wood is well known for its amazing ability to withstand the elements outdoors. In fact, it is the most preferable outdoor furniture on the market.

The Durability
Why is teak wood so durable? Teak can only be found in the tropic areas that are in close proximity to the equator and only in specific climates. For that reason, teak is not easy to find. Despite this, teak continues to be the popular wood that many choose for their outdoor patio and deck furniture. Because of its ability to handle different climates, teak furniture doesn’t need much maintenance. However, like all other furniture, you still want to do your best to have it around for a long time.
The Maintenance
If you don’t maintain teak, it will still remain in ideal condition for many years, even when exposed to elements outdoors. However, the ultra-violet rays from the sun will make it dull after a while. It can turn into a dull shade, making the furniture look older and possibly a little unattractive. Some people don’t mind having this look. However, most of the time, teak is more appreciated when it has been maintained regularly, showing off its naturally vibrant shade and characteristics. To clean your teak furniture, you have to understand what to do to prevent any damages. Cleaning teak is similar to cleaning any other outdoor wood furniture pieces. You can use a high pressure washer hose. The hose will help to get rid of any debris or dirt on the furniture. However, to get back its luster and beauty, it is best to use teak furniture cleaner.

Careful Cleaning
Cleaning your outdoor teak furniture will eliminate mildew and mold. The right cleaners are either a one-part or two-part cleaner, with the former being the ideal choice because, then you will be using a safe product for your health and for the furniture. A two-part cleaner is acidic and may damage the furniture. This method is used, if you have a wide range of teak furniture pieces. Be sure not to use bleach.


Once you have done cleaning your outdoor teak furniture, it is time to consider how to protect it from reverting back to its dull state. You should also use a high quality teak sealer during the cleaning process as this is important to keep the furniture fresh looking. 

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