Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Creating a Bedroom Retreat in Your Home

Your bedroom could be a retreat, if you know how to create one. Would you like to escape from the confusion of everyday life? Would you just like to have a place to retreat when you need some good zzzz’s or some privacy from everyone around? All of us have a life that is fast paced and there are times when we just need some peace of mind, loosening up or unwinding.

Creating a Sanctuary
Unlike other rooms in your home, the bedroom is a personal sanctuary and haven for relaxation. This is enough reason to make it into a retreat that you will enjoy going to. Not because you don’t entertain guests or visitors in your bedroom does it mean that you should be sparing with beautiful decorations or ornaments. Moreover, you can dress up your bedroom just about any way you want it even if no one will see it, but you and your family members that possibly live in the home. When you do decorate your bedroom, you don’t have to be concerned about anyone thinks either. You are creating this sanctuary and how you want it. That means if you love teak furniture, do yourself a favor and place it in your bedroom.

Comfortable Colors
When creating your bedroom retreat or oasis, add to your personal taste and style by choosing the colors that you love. If you are conservative, a nude or natural color would be best. If you are a colorful person, use colors that accentuate your style. If you can stand looking at the color for a long period of time, then that is the color to choose and this goes for wall paintings, backgrounds, bed sheets, rugs and teak furniture too. Refrain from colors that could give you a headache. Blue tends to be a relaxing hue for painting the walls. Neutral colors are great for adding warmth to your bedroom.

Add Your Personality
After adding a comfortable wall color, it is now time to consider decorations, accent pieces, bedspread and furniture. Don’t use basic colored bedspread. Choose something with patterns. Add unique lampshades and artwork that provides a peaceful and pensive mood. Decorate this personal space with things that you like. This could be artwork, photos or memorabilia. Make sure you have fun doing this segment of your decoration. Be consistent and you will accomplish your aesthetic objectives.

The Mattress
For every bedroom and bed, the mattress is important. You don’t want to lie down on a mattress that is not comfortable now, do you? The size of the bed also matters. If you have to share the bed, then consider getting a queen size or king size mattress for comfort, so long as you can afford it and you have the space for it. You will enjoy more pleasant sleep if you do.


Get rid of clutter in the bedroom and make it a cozy oasis where you can feel at home in your home. Use candles and other relaxing scents to make your private island even more pleasant. Your bedroom is possibly the one place that you can find peace of mind so transform it into your own place of rest. 

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