Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Tips for improving your bathroom

When redesigning a house people often have grand ideas for kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. However it’s easy to forget that the bathroom (although the smallest room in the house) can often be crucial- it is where we get ready at the start of the day, relax and wind down at the end of it.

Therefore it is worth putting a bit of effort until this underrated part of the house. Here a few tips to help you spruce up your bathroom!

Consider independent suppliers

Does your bathroom have an odd sized bath or shower area? Independent suppliers and fitters can cut to size so this is an option worth considering if you have a smaller bathroom or specific requirements. Furthermore if they are based in the local area this can make life a lot easier in terms of arranging deliveries and so forth.

Think about storage

This is both an aesthetic and a practical consideration- clutter looks ugly! Instead of having bottles everywhere a neat rack or box helps to keep things together and makes the bathroom look a lot tidier.

It is also quite useful because if you have guests coming over there is an easy place to store guest soaps, toothpaste and so forth (people appreciate little touches like that!)

Use a curved shower rod

This may sound odd but a curved shower rod as opposed to a straight one increases the space to the shower and generally makes for a more comfortable experience. It is always important to maximise space where possible and to consider how people are going to use the bathroom as much as the overall look of the interior.

Change the lighting

As with other rooms in the house lighting makes a big difference, making the room feel more spacious and more comfortable. If space is limited consider getting built in lighting into the bathroom cabinet (also useful for getting ready in the morning!)

Add a defining feature

While it can be seen as an indulgence a more stylish fitting, pictures on the wall or some furniture can add a bit of extra style to the bathroom, giving people something to look at when they have to prepare for the trudge to work or if they want to switch off while in the bath. 

Furthermore interior design shouldn’t solely be about the practical aspect and should also allow for a bit of fun- It’s often a nice extra after you’ve spent ages having tiles fitted and all the boring stuff to add a bit of flair!

Change the style

Experiment with silver fixtures, a different colour for the walls or customised tiles. As stated before we often underestimate how much time we spend in the bathroom therefore it is worth putting in a bit of effort to make it the stylish space to relax in that you need!

In short none of these tips are necessarily expensive or even particularly time consuming- often it’s the little touches that can make a massive difference.

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