Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ten interior design tips that can sell your house!

It is coming up to the traditional peak time when people want to buy houses- it is just after the splurging excesses of Christmas and it is just before everyone wants to decamp for their time off in the summer. For people trying to sell homes this is also where a little inventiveness can help you sell your home and here are ten reasons why!

A lick of paint

The simplest but most relevant of tips- you’d be amazed at what a difference a bit of paint can do. As well as brightening up the room it can also change the mood. Equally because you are trying to sell your home look for a more neutral colour so that people will be able to put their own stamp on it.

Change the lighting

Unless it’s an antique or vintage fixture anything over 15 years old is likely to look a bit dated. Fortunately in recent years getting good quality lighting fixtures have become cheaper so you can revamp the look without breaking the bank!

Clear the clutter

While having a house that looks reasonably lived in is ok, keeping items in storage and removing unnecessary clutter can make the house feel neater and make it feel more spacious.

Don’t neglect the bathroom

You don’t necessarily need to do a full renovation- an additional item of furniture, some pictures on the wall or a change of look can change the feel. While the bathroom is one of the smaller areas showing attention to detail can make a big difference!

Change the curtains

If you don’t need curtains, don’t have them! The key is to use windows is to let the light in- this is what will show off a room at their best. If privacy is an issue basic cotton or linen drapes are a lighter alternative to bigger, heavier curtains.


Very simply put- a well placed mirror makes a room feel bigger. It may sound strange but it is true and this often gives you an edge as people feel they’re getting more space than they think.

Don’t neglect exteriors

It is easy to forget the front of the house- don’t forget the garden, front door etc. This is the first thing people see so you need to pay attention. Get rid of dead plants, clean up the front door and generally keep it neat!

Consider switching back rooms to bedrooms

A lot of people convert spare bedrooms into sewing rooms, gyms etc. However switching these back to bedrooms when you want to sell a house can make a big difference when people are considering whether or not to buy.

Consider swapping carpet for hardwood

People can often be put off by carpet in a house- there is the fear (rightly or wrongly) that it requires more cleaning and maintenance. A buyer can always put in a carpet at a later date if that’s what they want.

Don’t be too high maintenance

This one may seem a bit counter intuitive- you want your home to look good, right? However excessive amounts of plants or things that need tending to (pools, hot tubs etc) may potentially put people off. 

The tricky balance is to make sure your home looks presentable while at the same time not overly putting a personal stamp on it. However with these tips and a sensible approach you can increase your chances of selling your home!

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