Thursday, 30 April 2015

How to make space in your house

A cluttered room is not an attractive thing. When you are looking at your room it can feel like you have no room and can make your home feel less comfortable. It can be hard when you have pets, kids or you or someone you know is a bit of a hoarder. Fortunately there are ways to open up the space in your house and generally make it feel more comfortable.

Use your walls

It is easy to forget that walls can be used as storage space- this can be especially useful if you have smaller rooms. Furthermore adding things like bookends and so forth can add some great extra decoration to the room.

Go modular

This will depend on the type of items you have but a number of smaller cupboards may be more effective than one big cupboard. Furthermore there is the advantage of being able to go to specific cupboards for specific things rather than having to hunt around for that thing you need from the drawer, saving you a bit of hassle in the process!

Multi purpose furniture

Coffee tables are great in the middle of rooms. If the coffee table comes with a small cupboard or shelves this is even better because it allows a little extra storage space for those magazines and other essentials for your much needed coffee break.

Check the space

It may surprise you but sometimes it is possible to find additional space in your home- for example if a room has additional doorways you don’t need it may be possible to convert them into additional storage space (under the stairs being a good example).

Also don’t be afraid to move things around- some items inevitably get used more than others so it may be better to give more prominence to the items that get used a lot.

More cupboard space

With taller wardrobes you can fit in more items. Also look into storage boxes for belts, shoes and so forth- you can store away winter items in summer and vice versa. It also helps to be brutal- if you’re not going to wear it, give it away or bin it!


 There does come a time when you need to be honest with yourself- are there items clogging up space that don’t serve a purpose? Do you own a waffle iron and never bother to use it? Do you have excessive amounts of recipe books you don’t bother with, novelty mugs from friends and so on?

These are all taking up space that could be better used- sometimes it helps to pass these on and to have a proper clear out, allowing you to make the most of what you’ve got.

The point is that you don’t necessarily need to take down walls or buy a lot of boxes or cupboards in order to save room. However it is something that is worth looking at and putting the effort in so that you can clear the clutter and make your living space that bit more comfortable.

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