Sunday, 1 March 2015

Don’t just spring clean your home, revamp it!

It is coming up to that time of year when people talk of doing a “spring clean”. But why stop there? While it’s nice to live in a clean house the whole spring thing is about brightening things up, banishing the harshness of winter and so forth. Below are a few tips to help your home not only feel neater but totally revamp it!

Add a dash of colour

A nice simple one to start with- painter a room a brighter colour makes the room appear to be brighter and larger (however if you are looking to sell your home don’t go overboard- bright is good, gaudy isn’t!)

Greenery is good

Plants are a great way to make a room feel more welcoming- a window box in the kitchen can let you grow your own herbs (fresh herbs can make a massive difference in cooking as well as adding a homely atmosphere to the kitchen).

Swap the frames

Unless you have some genuine works of art hanging up on your wall you may want to consider reframing older pictures or photos. May sound strange but this can make a difference (and it is possible to get good looking frames in inexpensive framers and discount stores).

Don’t forget the stairs

One area you may not have considered is the stairs- repainted railings or a change of carpet or wall hangings can make a big difference.

Shelve it and store it

A common problem people have is their stuff cluttering various parts of the house. Putting up shelves can help you collect key items into one or two key areas, saving on space. For larger items that can’t fit on a shelf you should use storage boxes.

Mix it up

You don’t necessarily need new furniture in order to change the look of a room- repositioning furniture can change the feel of the interior decoration. It may require a bit of effort but it is worth experimenting with this before buying new furniture.

Add by subtracting

This bit of advice may seem counter intuitive- take away all the decorative items in your room. You then add them one by one, repositioning as you do so. While it may seem odd this can allow you to position items and furniture more effectively while at the same time helping you to get rid of items that may be cluttering up your room.

Be brutal

The simplest bit of advice is often the hardest to follow- get rid of your clutter! Of course the tough part comes when you live with someone who keeps things “just in case” or your kids own 800 video game consoles in the hope they’ll be antiques soon.

When it comes to being brutal you need to be honest- what items are essential, what do you want to keep and what could be passed on, sold or traded? 

Oddly enough (going back to the spring cleaning theme) this can also go back to cleaning products- if you have a load gathering dust get rid of them and get some new ones in, preferably fewer that you know do a job rather than ones you think you should have. In the long term this will reduce clutter and reduce costs.

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