Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Brighten up your home

With spring (just about) here and summer on the way now is the time to look at ways of brightening up your home, even if it is raining outside. It is amazing how little bit of extra light or some colour here and there can make a big difference (and the good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so!)

In order to help this we’ve got a few simple tips to help you make your home that little bit brighter.

It’s all done with mirrors

You don’t necessarily need a chandelier or fine crystal glassware in order to get extra reflective surfaces in your home and add additional light to your home. Even something as simple as a glass bowl in the middle of a kitchen or some glass frames on the wall. Adding glass to fixtures, fittings and tables can be effective too, reflecting light and generally making the room feel a bit brighter.

Add some plants

You may not necessarily have a garden but adding a bit of greenery often adds to the look of a room and generally makes it feel more relaxing. With window boxes and plant pots it is also possible to grow herbs and chillies (not only nice looking but also provides some extra fresh flavour to cooking as well, you’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes!)


It may sound obvious but brighter colours make a room feel brighter- however if you are planning to sell your house avoid going overly bold as people often want to put their own stamp on the interior decoration. Different colours represent different moods- for example yellow is a very warming colour. Even different shades of a colour can make a difference (light red is said to represent joy while reddish brown is said to represent a more autumnal look.)

Remember to check when you put the paint on to check recommendations - ideally you should leave a day between coats for the best possible results.

Simple swaps

Changing cushions, stylish bookends or swapping pictures (or even the frames on pictures) can change the look and feel of a room. Even a simple shift of where you put chairs or sofas can make a surprising difference. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Change of emphasis

One area people often forget is the bathroom. Yes the bathroom serves a functional purpose and for a lot of people they generally think of things that need fixing.  However it is an area people often relax in- adding pictures, lights in the bathroom mirror and furniture can all create a better atmosphere. 

As you can see none of these things necessarily have to involve a lot of disruption or cost. It is worth starting with some of the simpler steps (such as changing furniture around) before a big overhaul. 

In short if you are prepared to put a little effort in you can make your home feel brighter, more relaxed and more welcoming.

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