Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Ten Tips to Improve Your House…On A Budget

Traditionally the winter months were times when the housing market was slow. Generally the received wisdom was that this is when people didn’t want to move- however with the rise of the internet this is no longer the case and people want to move here and now!

Therefore you may want to jazz up your home because you want to sell. Equally you may feel that your home needs a little improvement because you simply fancy a change. At this point you may say “that’s all very well but I don’t have any money!”

Fortunately we have ten tips here that can help improve your home without spending a fortune in the process.

Bathrooms are relatively inexpensive to improve

The odd bit of extra furniture, a towel rail or a new cabinet can transform the look of a bathroom without that much extra effort. Even something as simple as replacing chipped tiles can make a big difference!

Additional storage space 

Extra storage space can help remove a lot of the clutter- adding storage boxes or shelves to this can free up the space. If this isn’t an option then look into temporary storage units or be honest with yourself and have a big old clear out of all the junk clogging your house! 

Additional light

The addition of a skylight, chandelier, additional windows or reflective surfaces can make a home feel brighter and more welcoming.

Replace your doorknob

 It may sound silly but a more solid looking doorknob can make people feel more secure!

Tidy up your garden

While you can hire a gardener to do this for this is more about putting the effort in to make your garden look more presentable- a little greenery (even in a smaller space) can make a big difference!

A paint job

It may not be as simple as slapping it on but with a bit of direction you can repaint your wall and add a bit of colour to your home (although if you are looking to sell on your home avoid excessively bright or quirky colours as this can put people off!)

For example painting old kitchen cabinets can add light to the room and make it look like new, so this is a low budget trick that can really pay off.

Get new appliances

This may sound counter intuitive- after all this is an article about saving money! However in the longer term less efficient older appliances could be costing you money with additional energy costs, so this is worth researching to see how much you could save your household in the long term.

Add shutters

While adding light to a room can be good in a lot of respects in some cases it may not be necessary. For example you may not wish for glaring light in your bedroom. Adding adjustable shutters can help to ensure you have just the right amount of light in order to keep your room comfortable.

Install a water filter

Bottled water can be expensive- installing a water filter is another great long term money saver as you can then fill up bottles rather than having to keep buying more at the supermarket (and you’re also reducing the amount of plastic bottles getting produced too!)


Finally this is another big investment that can pay off in the long term- whether it’s double glazed windows and doors, sealing cracks or getting loft insulation all of these things can save you money in the long term while at the same time adding value through making your home more energy efficient.

These are just a few examples of how to jazz up your home on a budget, keep checking the blog for more examples coming soon!

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