Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Make your bathroom more romantic

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day and of course most people are thinking of the usual ways to make the day special- candlelit dinner, rose petals heading up to the bed etc. But one thing you may not have considered when it comes to romance is the bathroom (and you don’t necessarily need to wait until Valentine’s Day for it either!)


Yes it may seem a bit clichéd but there is something special about having candles around to set the mood! Having some furniture in your bedroom can also mean you can get the full effect without worrying about candlewax spilling into your bath.


Aromatherapy oils, nice soaps and bath bombs can all add to the bathing experience and make it feel better. Having them on display in a well put together basket near the bath can also add an extra stylish touch and show you’ve been thought into it.

The mirror

You can either do this yourself or get a new one fitted- for example it’s possible to get bathroom mirrors with lights fitted in to add a little bit of extra mood lighting.

Consider a hot tub or Jacuzzi

If you have the space and budget for it this is ideal for relaxation (plus throwing in a glass of champagne tubside helps!)

If you don’t have the space or budget alternatively consider investing in massage equipment instead to give your bathroom a low cost spa treatment feel.

Add music

Shower radios, music players and so forth can make it easier for you to set the mood without worrying about having something electronic in close proximity to water.

Practical issues

Of course on the basic level you need to look at your bathroom and see what you can do with the space- do the colours look warm and inviting? Do you have nice fluffy towels and bathrobes? Is there space to put them where they stay warm and fluffy? Is there room in the bath for two people and if not can you get furniture in so that your partner can massage your back, shower you and so forth?

In short there are a range of things you can do in order to make your bathroom more romantic and inviting. They can range from bigger investments like a hot tub to little touches like having some nice oils and soaps in a basket.

Like giving gifts the old saying that “it’s the thought that counts” is never more relevant- it is about looking at what you have and making the best of it, creating a special space that can be relaxing, inviting and romantic all at the same time!

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