Tuesday, 6 January 2015

New Year, New Bathroom

After the traditional mix of food, gifts and jollity inevitably comes New Year and that awkward topic of conversation “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?” Inevitably people will make bold claims of losing weight, giving up smoking and so forth. However there is one change you can make that can brighten up your home, is reasonably simple to do and could possibly provide a distraction while you’re trying not to think about carbs or cigarettes. Yes this new year why not try a new bathroom?


Of course you may say “I can’t afford to buy a new bathroom right now”. However there are a few steps you can do to revamp the one you have at the moment…

A fresh coat of paint- One of the simplest things you can do but also one of the most effective. For example if you are looking to sell your home you should consider using a more neutral paint colour such as white or cream as this often works better for people buying the house (a too distinctive colour can sometimes suggest you are enforcing your style on the house.)
A new mirror- A mirror with a different shape or colour can change the mood or feel of the room. If you hate having to wait around for the mirror to clear up in the morning get one with a demister pad (ideal if you need to hurry out of the house in the morning!)
More lights- Spot lights can make the bathroom feel cosier, especially if there is not much natural light in the room (for example if the room is an upstairs ensuite with a small window.) If space is tight an illuminated mirror can provide extra light without taking up more space.
Screen doors on the shower- The fact is that screen doors on the shower look more attractive but are also easier to clean than shower curtains, giving you both a smarter and more modern looking bathroom as well as less hassle!
Be creative- People often forget that you can have furniture in the bathroom! As well as providing a distinctive look an additional cupboard can provide practical storage space (and also reduce time in the shower fumbling around for shampoos etc) while a bathroom stool can be good if you have mobility issues or want to relax while you enjoy a shower.
Add a little luxury- As we said before around this time people are often depriving themselves of things. A few additions to the bathroom routine can add a little luxury- a towel warmer to make your towels toasty when you come out of the shower, some bath oils so you can soak in the tub for a bit, scented candles and so forth.

In simple terms you may not run a marathon, you may not make it through January without drinking full fat lattes or cigarettes but at least there is one change you can make that’s not too painful!

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