Saturday, 17 January 2015

How to renovate your property in order to sell it

Have you been struggling to sell your property? Do you get people umming and erring while they look around your home? If you want to get your home sold now is the time to do the little tasks and renovation that can not only sell your home but also increase its value to any potential buyer!

Now is the time
Traditionally it was felt that January was the dead time for property and that people didn’t tend to buy around this time. However with the rise of internet property sites people increasingly feel the need to get something when they want it rather than going by traditional times of when they feel they should move. Therefore if you are thinking of making changes this is the key time to get that work done (the sooner the better!)
Keep it light
Installing skylights, replacing walls with windows and installing glazed floors and ceilings are all ways of adding more light to rooms. This can be crucial as it makes pictures on websites and listings look more flattering and often creates a warmer and more welcoming feeling to a room.
Do you have room upstairs?
Loft conversions are a great way of adding space to a home- however there needs to be enough room to stand up and you need better access than a tiny step ladder for the conversion to truly add value.

Add an aga
If you want a kitchen to feel welcoming an aga can be a great focal point. Little things like this can make a big difference- while you don’t want to put too much of a personal stamp on the house you equally want people to picture themselves living there!

Keep it neutral
While you don’t necessarily want to turn your home into a show home it is important to avoid excessive “personality” on show (ie overly garish colours, strange furniture etc) as this will make a buyer think you are trying to push your taste on them.
Another aspect of this is removing any needless clutter- if you don’t have a spare room ask if you can use a friend or family member’s garage or look online for temporary storage space facilities (this can also be useful if you intend to move out, making the moving phase a little bit easier as a lot of the items will have already been sorted and it is a great opportunity to clear out any needless junk!)

Weigh up the cost
Of course it is important to avoid getting carried away- the renovations you want to do are unlikely to double the value of your property. Therefore you have to decide whether the cost involved is worth the effort- it is important to do some renovations and make all the improvements you can but they should be done reasonably sensibly.
In short you have to look at what you have, what you can afford and how to get the most from your budget. A few simple steps can make a big difference!

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