Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Teak shower benches - The right fit

In many respects the bathroom is one of the key rooms in the house- while you may stop for a coffee in the kitchen or snooze in the bedroom the bathroom is often the place people go when they need to get ready for the start of the day or relax at the end of it. This is why it is worth removing as much hassle from the bathroom experience as possible and this is where teak shower benches come in!

The benefit of the bench

Bathroom benches are useful because they allow easy access to the things people need. Instead of randomly hunting around on the floor you can place something within easy reach (this is especially important if you have older relatives with mobility issues).

In style terms it is also a lot more attractive than having a load of bottles thrown about on the floor. You can put pictures there and generally make the place feel more like part of the house rather than somewhere that serves a basic function.

The right shape

Some people reading this may say “That’s all well and good if you have a bathroom in a showroom”. However this is not true- there are a range of teak shower benches available that can fit a number of different types of bathroom (and yes that includes ensuite bathrooms in a loft converted guest bedroom!)

The trick is to measure out the space, making sure that you give yourself a little wriggle room (if you look on the website it will specify the measurements of the various benches)

Next up you have to consider the shape of the bench- For example rectangular benches are ideal for corners or against the wall. As well as being effective storage units they also work well as additional seating (ideal for older people or people with mobility issues) or to add additional style to the bathroom!

Round or half moon benches also add a different design touch. Some people prefer the curves to the rectangular look. There is no right or wrong as such, it’s mainly personal preference and what you feel fits your particular interior design ideas.

If space is tight then a corner bench can provide a little extra storage without taking up too much of the room (you can also get corner stools if you want to give people the option of a sit down shower).

What to think about

In short when looking through websites, measuring the space etc there are a couple of things to think about-

Is it the right length for the space I’ve got?
Is it the right shape to fit the space I’ve got?
Does the design fit what I want to do for the room?

What are my priorities (do I just want it to look good or am I looking for effective storage space or somewhere to sit down in the shower)?

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