Sunday, 16 November 2014

The advantages of Teak

You have probably seen teak furniture in a number of catalogues and websites and you may wonder why it seems to come up so much. What is it about teak that makes it so in demand as a material for outdoor furniture, decking and so forth? In this article we are going to be looking at the various reasons why people choose to use teak and why it could help make your home look good!


In some respects the allure of this material is aesthetic. One of the biggest draws is arguably the most obvious- teak looks good! A term often used to describe the material is “elegant”. Yes some people may go for a minimalist style but for an added feel of luxury and elegance teak is the material of choice. This is something that in many ways transcends trends- people want to feel comfortable in their home and teak is something that often looks stylish while at the same time maintaining a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

There is also a lot of natural varieties of colour- everything from amber to grey so the chances are you can find a style of teak that will suit your interior decoration regardless of whether you favour minimalist or vintage. With the natural oils there is also less need to add additional veneers so you get the style but with less maintenance for it!


Teak is more durable than other forms of wood because it maintains more of its natural oils after felling and processing. This makes it more weather proof than other forms of wood but also has the added bonus of being more resistant to dry rot.

While some people may feel teak is a more expensive material than other forms of wood this does not necessarily have to be the case- over time the cost of treatments, weather proofing and so forth can add up!

Anti-corrosion and resistance

Teak as a material is very resistant to acid, fire, moisture and alkalis (this is why it is often used for bathroom furniture because it won’t bend and warp in the same way as other less durable wood might do if exposed to the same amount of moisture). Furthermore the material does not corrode iron or steel. Therefore if you want to include some iron or steel alongside your teak you don’t have to worry about it getting corroded.


Another big benefit is the fact that teak is a renewable biological material. Therefore if you source it from the right place it is something that can be sustained and can offer peace of mind in environmental terms as well as in terms of aesthetic quality and durability.

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