Saturday, 18 October 2014

How to save space AND make your bathroom look good

Clutter is a terrible thing. Aside from the fact it makes rooms look ugly it also takes up valuable space. Given that bathrooms often tend to be the smallest rooms in the house you need all the space you can get in order to make it feel comfortable. With a few simple tips you can clear the clutter AND make your bathroom look good!

A few tips

Keep items in shower bags where possible to avoid large amounts of clutter in the bathroom.
Clear out toilet rolls, boxes for toothpaste etc on a regular basis
Avoid clogging up bathrooms with too many items- better to get fewer quality items than a lot of items that take up the room (that often end up getting unused).
Be brutal- If things need throwing away, don’t leave them around.
Baskets and store boxes can also be a good way of storing items away and freeing up space.

Clear a space with shower benches

A shower bench can be useful for a number of different reasons. Instead of fumbling in the cupboard for a towel or other items it is there and can be easily accessed. In terms of clearing clutter it is ideal because you simply put your items on the respective shelves (and you are less likely to fill up all the space because you tend to mentally put certain things on certain shelves, helping to ensure that the clutter doesn’t creep back in the long term).

However it is worth noting that shower benches are also visually pleasing as well as functional items- a wood like teak can add an interesting additional feature to the room and some well placed art or flowers can help to aid relaxation!

Shower stools and shelves

Of course some people reading this may well point out “That’s all and well good if you have a big bathroom but what if you have an ensuite or the bathroom is simply too small to fit a bench in it?” 

If this is your reaction then don’t worry! There are also smaller shower stools and shelves that can be used to store items that won’t take up too much room. These are ideal for keeping shampoos and other smaller bits that inevitably go missing when you need them, as well as being a nice additional decoration to a bathroom in a guest bedroom in and of itself.

Practicality and style

There are a range of different products available from Teak Your Shower that can offer a wide array of space saving options for your bathroom (as well as adding a bit of style in the process!) 

The furniture is made from the finest quality teakwood (sourced from sustainable plantations), a material specifically designed to handle extreme environments, so you can sure it will be more than ready for your bathroom. Contact us today to see how we can free you from clutter and get your bathroom looking great in the process!

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