Monday, 7 April 2014

How To Repair Broken or Cracked Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Check out the following 3 ways to repair cracked ceramic tile.
Ceramic tile is the preferred choice of bathroom material for many homeowners and professional contractors. They're bold, beautiful, durable and hold color exceptionally well, all of which make them an attractive material for bathroom floors and shower walls. However, the primary disadvantage to using ceramic tile is their susceptibility to cracks and damage. If enough force is pressed against them, they will crack or even shatter. The good news is that you can usually fix minor cracks; here's how you do it:

Cover It Up With Paint

As long as the damage is minor and not severe, you can usually cover up small blemishes in ceramic tile with paint. Take a photo of your bathroom tile using your smartphone and look for a similar color paint at your local home improvement store. Remember, you only need a very small amount, so don't waste your money on several gallons of premium-brand paint.

Use a small, medium-bristle paintbrush to apply the paint directly over the damaged area. Use extra caution to avoid touching the tile until the paint has fully dried. Hopefully, this will mask the damage so it's no longer visible.

Fill It With Caulk

Another idea is to fill the cracked or damaged portion of your ceramic tile with caulk. Clean the damaged area out using a toothbrush so there's dirt, dust or debris left inside. Next, apply just enough caulk to fill the crack (you don't want the caulk to protrude out from the surface of the tile). Use a putty scraper to smooth out the caulk so it's flush with the tile.

Unless you want to look an ugly patch of caulk each time you walk into your bathroom, you should paint over it using the same color paint as the tile.

Replace It

A third option is to completely replace the damaged tile. This is really the only viable option for severely cracked, broken or otherwise damaged tile. To remove it, gently knock the middle of it with a hammer until it begins to crack. Once it begins to shatter, you should be able to pull away the remaining pieces fairly easily.

Take a piece of the broken tile to the store so you can find a suitable match. A single piece of ceramic tile should only cost about $1 buck (or less), so this is a cheap fix that's not going to break your bank account.


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