Monday, 14 April 2014

Decorative Accessories For a Nautical Bathroom

Nautical is a fun, vibrant and colorful style of interior decor that's characterized by elements commonly associated with the beach and ocean. Most beach condos, homes and even some apartments use nautical decor to create a more authentic environment. It's a relatively easy decor style that anyone can achieve in their home, regardless of whether you live at the beach.

If you want to bring some of the fun elements of the beach into your home, you should consider decorating your bathroom in a nautical decor. The bathroom is the perfect area for a nautical decor, as it's small, compact, and it's not openly connected to any other room or area. So even if the rest of your home is decorated with modern, contemporary or any other decor style, you can still decorate the bathroom with nautical elements.

Over-The-Toilet Shadow Box

This is an excellent decorative accessory for nautical bathrooms. As you can see from the photo to the left, it's a basic shadowbox that's filled with a variety of nautical elements, including a couple starfish and some beach artwork. The end result is an authentic beach-inspired look that brings a new sense of style to the bathroom.

The over-the-toilet shadow box also doubles as an effective storage area. If you're struggling with storage space in your bathroom (which is an all-too-common problem), you can install a shadow box over the toilet for additional storage options.

Nautical Wall Art

If you're struggling to come up with wall decorations for your nautical bathroom, you can always take a similar approach as depicted in this example. It features a deep blue paint color along with white and gold accents. Of course, you can substitute the deep blue paint for any color (assuming it's nautical), so don't feel like you are restricting to using it in your bathroom.

And if you look closely, you'll notice there's actual rope glued (we're assuming it's glued) to the wall. The subtle touch of rope brings a fresh new nautical element to the bathroom that's found in traditional decor styles.

Nautical Decorating Tips:

  • Use seashells to your advantage.
  • Remove the hooks from old fishing lures and place them on the wall.
  • Ships-in-a-bottle are wonderful decorative accessories for nautical bathrooms.
  • Stick with bright, bold colors that are commonly associated with beach/ocean elements.
  • Clawfoot bathtubs have a natural nautical element to them.
  • Choose colorful towels that reflect your bathroom's nautical style.

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