Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bold Lighting Solutions For a Boring Bathroom

Lighting plays a key role in the overall decor or a bathroom. Unfortunately, most home builders and professional contractors today use cheap, low-end lighting in an effort to cut costs and save money. Even if your current fixture effectively illuminates the area so you can see, it may have a negative effect on the decor. So, what's the best lighting solution for a boring bathroom?

Before go into some specific examples of bathroom lighting, it's important to note that each and every situation is different. What works in one bathroom may not work in yours (and vise-versa). Since you can't exactly 'test' a light fixture in your bathroom  without installing it, do your best to envision what it will look like before purchasing it. Hopefully, the bold lighting solutions mentioned below will spark some ideas and get you on the right path to a more attractive, cohesive bathroom decor.

Contemporary Wall Sconces

I admit that I'm a huge fan of wall sconces as a source of indoor lighting. Their unique upright design is a bold alternative to traditional fixtures. You can take advantage of their bold look by incorporating them into your bathroom. It's a subtle accessory that will bring your entire bathroom's decor together (when used correctly, of course).

Rather than using basic wall sconces, however, you can go one step further with contemporary models. Contemporary wall sconces tend to feature sharper geometric shape, such as the example depicted in the photo.

Crystal Chandelier

Who says crystal chandeliers can only be used in the dining room? Adding one to your bathroom is guaranteed to boost its aesthetic value while creating a more elegant and sophisticated decor. Crystal chandeliers work to naturally reflect any light in the room, creating a brilliant display that most people will instantly fall in love with.

If you're going to use a crystal chandelier in your bathroom, there are a few things you should know. For starters, choose a model that's appropriate for the high-humid environment of a typical bathroom. Certain dining room chandeliers (such as those with brass) may tarnish in the bathroom, and unless you want to replace it just several months later, it's best to avoid chandeliers such as this.

What type of light fixtures to you prefer for the bathroom? Let us know in the comments section below!

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