Monday, 13 January 2014

How To Clean Bathroom Tile Grout

Bathroom tile grout: photo by Christian Thibodeau.
Many homeowners struggle to keep their bathroom tile grout clean. The deep-hard-to-reach pockets between the tiles naturally attract mold, mildew and shower scum. And if you allow even small amounts of mold to develop here, it will quickly spread throughout your bathroom. This is why it's important for homeowners to take a proactive approach towards keeping their tile grout clean.

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

You really have two different options when it comes to cleaning your bathroom tile grout: you can use one of the countless different chemical-based cleaning products sold at your local home improvement store, or you can create your own cleaning solution using natural ingredients. I recommend creating your own, as it's cheaper and safer.

Baking soda: photo by TPapi.

Create The Cleaning Paste

Start by filling up a large cup with half water and half white, filtered vinegar. Make sure the vinegar is the store-bought filtered variety, as unfiltered vinegar contains organic stuff called "mother" that will stick on your tiles. Stir the solution around so the vinegar is evenly distributed throughout. 

This solution of diluted vinegar alone is enough to clean even the dirtiest bathroom tile grout, but we're going to go one step further to improve its functionality. With your vinegar and water mixed together, toss in a spoonful or two of baking soda. The combination of baking soda and vinegar will create a boiling foam at first, but this should go away in a couple of minutes, leaving you with a paste-like cleaning substance.


Now comes the fun part: applying the paste and cleaning your tile grout. Simply spread a very small amount between your bathroom tile where the grout is located. Next, take a scrub brush, toothbrush, or even an old towel and scrub the area. Continue doing this until you've covered all of the tile grout in your bathroom.

If you're having trouble removing stains, dirt or mold, let some of the baking soda and vinegar paste sit for 5-10 minutes. As it settles down into the grout, it will neutralize the problematic microbes, which in turn allows you to clean it more easily.

Note: it's recommended that homeowners use their exhaust fan when showering and taking baths to help prevent grout mold. Allowing excess moisture to linger in the air will only make the problem worse, so try to get into the habit of turning the exhaust fan on when bathing.


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