Monday, 30 December 2013

How To Replace a Bathroom Shower Head

Contrary to what some people may believe, you don't need to pay a professional plumber hundreds of dollars to replace the shower head in your bathroom. With some basic tools, anyone can perform this job. If you recently purchased a new shower head and want to use it in your bathroom, keep reading for a step-by-step walkthrough. We'll show you exactly how to remove the old shower head and replace it with a new one.

There are several reasons why homeowners choose to 'upgrade' their bathroom shower head, one of which is to save money on their monthly water bill. Some of the older model shower heads (and even certain newer models) pump out massive amounts of water. Not only do these shower heads bump up your water bill, but they'll also shorten the duration of hot water usage in your home. Perhaps the second person who walks into the bathroom to take a shower will only receive 2-3 minutes of hot water. Since they pull more water, the home's water heater isn't able to keep up with the demand.

Step #1) Remove The Old Shower Head

First and foremost, you'll need to remove the old shower head in your bathroom. Make sure the water is turned completely off and use either an adjustable wrench or a pair of pliers to twist it off. As the old saying goes -- righty tighty, lefty loosey -- holds true when removing a shower old. Grip it with the pliers or wrench and turn it to the left.

Some shower heads may have a pretty strong connection with the pipe, which is to be expected after sitting in the same position for years on end. Keep tugging, however, and the shower head will eventually give. Once it's loose, pull the shower head off and place it on the ground or counter top for the time being.

Step #2) Install New Shower Head

The second step is to physically install the new shower head. Assuming it's a brand new unit, you'll need to take it out of its original packaging to inspect its contents. Certain models, such as detachable shower heads, have additional parts that must be installed. Regardless of which model you own, it's recommended that you wrap some plumber's tape around the pipe fitting where your old shower head was installed before installing the new one. Plumber's tape isn't particularly sticky, but it's able to withstand the moisture. Placing just a layer or two of it around the fitting will make make it stronger and more resistant to leaks.

With the pipe fitting prepped, you can now install the new shower head. The process of installing a shower head is pretty much the same as removing one -- the only different being that you turn the head to the right to to tighten it on. Place the new shower head over the fitting and hand tighten it to the right. It's recommended that you only hand tighten the new shower head on the fitting to avoid any accidental damage.


  1. Step 1 is sometimes harder than you would think! I've had at least two apartments where removing the shower head was almost literally impossible. It hadn't been removed in so long it was basically fused to the spout.

    Mai @ Erinbarr

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