Monday, 23 December 2013

Bathroom Flooring Ideas: Which One Is Right For My Bathroom?

Thinking about installing new flooring in your bathroom but don't know which type to choose? New flooring will instantly improve both the function and aesthetics of your bathroom, offering greater style and decor. And when you finally get ready to sell your home, you'll be able to receive a higher purchasing price thanks to this otherwise simple renovation. However, bathrooms tend to develop a high amount of moisture and humidity, so it's important for homeowners to choose an appropriate type of flooring. If you're still scratching your head trying to determine which type of flooring is the best choice for your bathroom, keep reading for some helpful ideas.

Note: authentic hardwood is not a suitable choice for most modern-day bathrooms. The problem with hardwood is that it's extremely porous; any water that's exposed to the surface will settle down into the pores where it contributes to mold, rot and decay. I know some homeowners are under the assumption that hardwood is the best all-around choice of flooring for the home, but unfortunately it doesn't hold up well in the wet conditions of a bathroom.


A stronger and more durable alternative to hardwood flooring is laminate. While it looks similar to hardwood, it's manufactured to hold up better in moist conditions. This doesn't mean you should pour water over your laminate bathroom flooring, but allowing small amounts to temporarily sit on the surface won't cause any lasting damage. Not only is laminate stronger than its hardwood counterpart, but it actually costs less as well, making this an excellent flooring choice for budget-conscious homeowners.


Of course, vinyl is another popular type of flooring that's commonly used in bathrooms. There are basically two types of vinyl: vinyl plank, which looks similar to hardwood but maintains the same high level of durability as laminate, and vinyl tile, which looks like traditional tile. The truth is that both types of vinyl flooring are perfect for the bathroom. I recommend browsing through some of the available choices at your local home improvement store to see which ones match your current bathroom decor.

Granite Tile

If you're really looking to achieve an elegant, 'high-end' look with your bathroom, you should consider using granite tile. You'll have to pay more for granite than most other flooring materials, but the end result is well worth it in the long run. Granite offers a uniquely beautiful and eye-catching style that's bound to turn heads. And since it's naturally water-resistant, granite is a great choice of flooring for the bathroom.

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