Monday, 2 September 2013

Inexpensive Ways To Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

Far too many homeowners underestimate the importance of designing an attractive exterior around their home. When you are busy decorating and designing each room inside your home, it's easy to forget about something as simple as curb appeal. However, the exterior is the first area guests will see when they approach your home; therefore, you want to send the right message by creating a clean, attractive appearance that naturally compliments the rest of your home. Here, we're going to reveal some simple ways to improve a home's curb appeal without spending a fortune.

Paint The Front Door

If the front door to your home is faded, chipped or contains other visible imperfections, perhaps you should give it a fresh coat of paint. Doing so is a cheap and easy alternative to replacing the door. A single gallon of paint is more than enough to cover a standard front door, so you don't have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on supplies. Just remove the door from the hinges, sand off the old paint, and generously apply a new coat.

Don't be afraid to paint your front door with a bold, vibrant color that contrasts to the rest of your home's exterior. For instance, a deep red color is an excellent choice for homes with neutral or light-colored siding. The two colors contrast with one another to create an stunningly beautiful look.

Create a Flowerbed

If you haven't done so already, build a flowerbed around the front of your home for an added touch of style and natural elegance. Even if you don't consider yourself a 'green thumb', you can still lay out some low-maintenance flowers and plants. The trick to creating an attractive, low-maintenance flowerbed is to first start with healthy soil. Lay out a mixture of potting soil and fertilizer to ensure the ground is nutrient-rich. Once you've planted your flowers, go over the topsoil with wood chips to help prevent unwanted weeds from popping up. Although there's no way to completely avoid weeds in a flowerbed, covering the soil with wood chips will greatly reduce their numbers.

Define The Sidewalk

Defining the sidewalk connecting your driveway to the front door is another small step towards creating a more attractive curb appeal. Rather than traditional brick pavers, try using full stones on your sidewalk. Just remember to occasionally trim and edge your sidewalk to define its surroundings.

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