Monday, 9 September 2013

Decorating Solutions For Bathrooms Without Windows

Bathrooms naturally feel more open and inviting with a window present. The subtle hints of sunlight beaming through prove to be a valuable element in creating a more attractive bathroom. Unfortunately, however, some bathrooms are constructed without the use of windows, making it difficult for homeowners to achieve an attractive decor. If you're stuck trying to figure out how exactly to decorate your windowless bathroom, keep reading for some effective solutions.

Let me first stress the importance of using an exhaust fan in windowless bathrooms. The high humidity created from a hot bath or shower will likely result in mildew growth if you don't use the exhaust fan. Opening a window will help to remove some of the humidity, but this obviously isn't an option for windowless bathrooms. To prevent the growth of mildew and mold, turn your exhaust fan on while you are showering and let it run for about 20 minutes after you get out.

Use Bright Colors

Decorating your bathroom around a bright, warm color scheme will help to create a more inviting atmosphere. One of the problems with windowless bathrooms is the 'confined' feeling they create. Most bathrooms feature a limited amount of space already, but the lack of windows creates the sensation of an even smaller space. The good news is that you can open your bathroom up by decorating it around a bright and warm color palette. Avoid overly dark and gloomy colors and stick with brighter colors. This alone will have a profound effect on the atmosphere in your bathroom.

Bring In Natural Elements

Using natural elements inside your bathroom will also have a positive effect on the decor. So, what exactly constitutes 'natural' elements? There are several different ways to approach this, but one of the best all-around natural elements for a bathroom is a plant. Strategically placing a small houseplant in your bathroom will give it more of an open and natural atmosphere. As a result, your bathroom won't look or feel as restricted as before. Another idea is to place a small vase filled with stones on your vanity or a nearby shelf. It's the subtle touches such as this that will greatly improve your bathroom's decor.

Of course, hanging a mirror in your bathroom will open up the atmosphere as well. Mirrors are one of the most versatile home decorating tools on the planet. You can use them in practically any room, including the bathroom, to create the appearance of a larger area.

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