Monday, 5 August 2013

Space-Saving Bathroom Tips and Tricks

Does your bathroom look and feel cluttered with little room to move around? Most people greatly underestimate the space requirements of a bathroom, resulting in a poorly designed atmosphere. The bottom line is that a functional bathroom must contain adequate storage space. Without this key element, dirty clothes, toiletries, towels and other items will pile up over time, taking away from your home's natural beauty. In this post, we're going to reveal some tips and tricks on how to save space in the bathroom.

Choosing The Right Vanity

A bathroom vanity serves two primary purposes -- it offers a functional sink, and it offers a valuable storage area. If you are struggling for free space in your bathroom, it's recommended that you choose a vanity with plenty of storage space. Check to see how much storage space is available underneath the sink area. Most modern-day models are build with cabinet doors and shelves. Opting for a model with a spacious cabinet area will prove to be well worth it in the long run.

Teak Shower Bench

You might be surprised to learn that a teak shower bench can save space in your bathroom. Because they are made from authentic teak hardwood, you can place them directly in the shower without fear of them suffering from water damage. Once you've placed the teak bench inside the shower, you can place shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other bathing accessories on it. A teak shower bench is perfect for holding items such as this. Of course, you can compliment your bench with a shower caddy as well. Using these two items together should offer more than enough storage space for all of your bathing accessories.


A space-saver is a versatile storage accessory that's placed directly over the toilet. Instead of allowing this valuable area to go unused, you can take advantage of it with a space-saver. You simply push it back behind the toilet where it offers several shelves and other storage compartments. While there are many different types of space-savers available on the market, they are all designed to fit over standard toilets.

In addition to the new storage options offered by a space-saver, they also offer a touch of style to the decor. If you are looking to achieve a more attractive and balanced atmosphere, look for a space-saver in a color and tone that matches the rest of your bathroom furnishings.

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