Monday, 1 July 2013

Tips To Improve Bathroom Water Pressure

Does the water feel like it's trickling out of your shower at a snail's pace? If so, you may want to work on improving the water pressure in your bathroom. Although it's not a serious problem, low water pressure will still reduce the effectiveness of your shower by making the water come out significantly slower. This is an all-too-common issue that million of homeowners and families face each year. Thankfully, however, it's also fairly easy to fix and should only take a short amount of time. Just follow some of the tips listed here to improve the water pressure in your bathroom.

Is It The Shower Head?

Some people automatically assume that low water pressure is to blame when the problem is actually the result of a broken or weak shower head. If you haven't done so already, check the water pressure coming out of the shower and compare it to the bathroom sink faucet. If the water is trickling out of the shower by moving fast out of the faucet, then your problem is likely caused by a faulty shower head. On the other hand, if both fixtures have slow-moving water, the problem is almost certainly low water pressure.

If your water problem is caused by the shower head, you'll want to pick up a new, higher powered model from your local home improvement store. Installing a new shower head will have a huge impact on the water flow. Just remember to choose a model that's designed to fit into your current plumbing setup; otherwise, you may run into some trouble installing it. You can always hire a professional plumber to come out and do the job for you but not without coughing up an additional $100-$200 bucks first.

Regulating Valve

Many homes ares are built with water pressure regulating valves to help control their water usage. If this valve is turned in the wrong direction, it will dramatically reduce your home's water pressure. So, how do you check to determine if this is the cause of your problem? Go outside and look around your water main for a tall screw sticking out the top. This is your regulating valve, and turning it to the right (clockwise) will increase your water pressure. Continue turning it as far right as you can and then go back inside to check your bathroom water pressure. Hopefully, this will fix the problem and allow you to fully enjoy everything your bathroom has to offer.

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