Monday, 17 June 2013

Simple Ways To Make a Bathroom Look Bigger

Does your bathroom look and feel crammed with little room to move around? Not only will this affect the decor, but it will also reduce the function of your bathroom. Instead of having an open area to brush your teeth, do your hair, shave, etc., you'll have a small area that limits your mobility. The good news is that you can open you bathroom up to make it look and feel bigger. All it takes it a little bit of your free time.

Clearing The Clutter

The first step towards achieving a larger bathroom is to clear out the clutter. I think we've all been guilty of tossing our dirty clothes and belongings down on the bathroom floor at one point or another. Unfortunately, bad habits such as this will gradually make your bathroom feel smaller and smaller. A better approach is to keep the floor, vanity and surrounding areas in your bathroom clean and free of clutter. Instead of tossing your dirty clothes on the floor, perhaps you can place them in a hamper basket. If you don't seem to have enough room for storing toiletries and other bathroom items, try installing a shelving system on the wall. These are just a couple of the many solutions for removing clutter in a bathroom.

Use Warm Colors

If your bathroom is physically limited in space, then you'll have to come up with ways to trick the mind into thinking it's larger. One of the easiest ways to create the appearance of a larger room is to paint the walls with warm colors. Dark colors have the opposite effect by drawing the walls in, making it look and feel smaller. On the other hand, warm colors like yellow, light blue, green, etc. will create the sense of a larger room. Consider repainting the walls in your bathroom with a warm color to create the feeling of a bigger space. It's not going to physically make your bathroom bigger, but it will help to balance out the atmosphere.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

No bathroom is complete without a mirror. After all, it's nearly impossible to get ready in the morning without seeing yourself. However, mirrors will also open up the bathroom to make them look and feel bigger. The trick is to use a large, oversized mirror instead of a small one. Mirrors will create the optical illusion of a larger bathroom. In fact, you can even go one step further by using multiple mirrors in your bathroom.

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