Monday, 29 April 2013

Bathroom Organization and Storage Ideas

Does you bathroom feel cluttered with little to no room for storage? Although bathrooms don't need as much storage space as a bedroom, they still require places to keep shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet papers, towels, etc. Of course, this is really just scratching the surface on what types of items are commonly store in the bathroom. The good news is that organizing your bathroom with additional storage options is fairly easy and straightforward. Keep reading and we'll reveal some simple and effective ideas that will work for practically any type of bathroom.

The Right Vanity

If your bathroom has limited options, you should consider using a large vanity with open-door cabinets underneath. Some homeowners prefer the look of vintage-styled vanities that consist of a basic sink and faucet. The problem with using these, however, is the fact that they come with no drawers or cabinets for storing your toiletries and belongings in. Instead of using one of these, you should choose a vanity model with additional cabinet space constructed below the actual sink and faucet. This will prove to be a valuable area for storing common bathroom items.


If space permits, using an armoire in your bathroom can provide for additional storage and organization options. Most people automatically assume these elegant pieces of furniture are only useful for the bedroom or dining room, but the truth is that armoires can be used anywhere in the house, including the bathroom. They were originally designed to offer storage space for the consumer. Typically, armoires are constructed with an open-door front and several pull out drawers on the bottom. The open-door front is helpful for storing larger items like towels and rolls of toilet paper, while the smaller drawers underneath are useful for storing toiletries.

Toilet Shelving Unit

One of my personal favorite methods of storing items in the bathroom is a shelving unit that's constructed to go directly over the toilet. You can find these available in authentic hardwood and metal materials. Unlike other pieces of furniture, though, they only use a fraction of the space in your bathroom since they fit nice and snug over the toilet. In addition to the storage they offer, toilet shelving units also add a unique touch to the decor. This is an area that frequently remains undecorated by homeowners, as they simply don't know the best approach to decorating the toilet. Placing a shelving unit around it, however, fills this voided gap with a fully functional area for storing and organizing your belongings.

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